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Ella’s Bubbles warehouse has many walk in tubs on sale at discount prices! You can find great deals on a walk in tub that is thoroughly tested but may have minor cosmetic defects. Warehouse clearance inventory changes regularly, click to inquire, or call 800.480.6850 to get our current walk in tub prices today!

Discount Walk-In Tubs

To help seniors avoid slipping or falling issues, one of the best additions you can make to the bathroom is a walk in tub. Walk in tubs are bath tubs that make is easy to enter without stepping over the side by way of a water tight door that is easy to open, close and maneuver through. These convenient bathroom add-ons can allow someone to stay in their home longer, be self sufficient, and enjoy their lives, without needing someone to assist them as often. Accessible or walk in tubs also provide comforting relief from muscle or joint aches and pains, and can be relatively easy to add to an existing bathroom.

Discount Price Walk in Tubs